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What is easy pace run ?
What is the difference between goal and tempo pace runs ?
My Schedule says 6K Tempo Run. Will it include warm-up and 
cool-down as well? How do I split it ?
Are tempo and goal pace are ranges OR should I always stick to 
the pace calculated from the 2-mile time trial?
Breathing in the long (easy)/goal-paced and tempo runs.
How will I see the improvement in run-walk training? How to 
increase the running time run:walk pattern? 
I am a beginner runner - just off the couch, but want to do a 
good time! (or) What is a good finish time for a 10K, 21K etc. (or) 
I am doing this distance for the first time, should I focus on 
training for a target time?
In some runs, I feel strong, at the end of the run, I feel good & 
feel I could have pushed it a bit more. On such runs, when can I 
exceed goal pace ?
What are 'strides'? What do you mean when you ask us to 
do "4km easy + 2 x 100m strides"?