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I am very busy. I canít do my run on the days RH gives on the 
schedule. I will do on another day on my own. Is this a problem?
I understand that we have to run together. But, please donít 
make me drive for 60kms to do my run. I will find my own group 
of folks and run here locally.
Alright, I will do the run at the long run location. Can I start early 
Alright, I will start on time and also do the long run in the same 
location. But, why canít I choose how I do it?
As long as I get the mileage, shouldnít my long run be enough? 
I hate having to turn back from the start/finish point - I will do 
my own calculation and finish there in my own terms.
What are the general recommendations or good practices for 
long runs?
I agree to all the rules or instructions you would like to frame for 
us. But, the long runs routes are boring! I have so many other 
routes that I have in mind! Canít you do other routes?