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Why volunteering at Runners High?
What are the organizations that Runners High is associated with?
Can I recommend an organization?
Can I fund raise for an organization with my running?
What are the ways in which I can help?
I have some ideas to help the efforts we are involved with. Can I 
discuss or suggest them?
What are the ways in which I can consistently support efforts?
There are many runners who are spending time on a 
weekly/daily basis at the efforts we are involved with. You 
could look at your strengths and see if you can provide help 
for the organizations with your strengths.  But, volunteering 
with any organization needs a different mindset -

1. Go in with the goal of 'learning' and not with the goal of 
2. We will request you to take time in understanding the 
organization(visiting them a few times is a must!), the way 
they work, understand the children and then figure out how to 
3. We need 'commitment' and regularity. If regularity means 
the foundation for running, it will form the single most 
important requirement for volunteering time.

You can also choose to support monetarily or in kind on a 
regular basis. In this case, we request you to visit the 
organization, understand the needs and then decide to support 
a particular aspect.

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I would like to make a blood donation. Is it safe to do this while 
training with the group?