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Why volunteering at Runners High?
What are the organizations that Runners High is associated with?
Ananya Trust - Ananya is a learning center that 
works with children who have dropped out of mainstream 
schooling (primarily due to learning disabilities or behavioral 
disabilities). It was started in March 1998, by a group of 
individuals concerned about the dearth of schools that provide 
relevant and meaningful education for the underprivileged 
children in and around Bangalore city. Most children, who drop 
out of school, do so because the schools do not cater to their 
special needs. More here.

Sita School - Sita School is a small school located in 
the north of Bangalore, that uses alternative educational 
methods to encourage children to learn at their own pace 
without pressure of exams or fear of failure and disapproval. 
The school tries to create an environment which stimulates the 
child not just intellectually, but also emotionally, creatively and 
socially. They try to cultivate a sense of wonder, an 
appreciation of the beautiful and the healthy. At the same 
time, they actively cultivate cooperation, sharing and respect 
for the other and towards nature and material things, to foster 
a just and balanced way of life. More here. 

Spastics Society of Karnataka - The Spastics Society 
of Karnataka is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) 
dedicated to the welfare of persons with Neuro-Muscular and 
Developmental Disabilities.  The Society provides a 
Comprehensive Package of Diagnostic and Intervention 
Services to persons with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mental 
Retardation, Multiple Disabilities and Learning Disabilities. 
Spastics Society of Karnataka (SSK) started off as a branch 
of the Spastics Society of India in the year 1982, and went on 
to become autonomous in the year 1994. SSK is located on a 
5 acre campus, donated by the Government of Karnataka, in 
Indiranagar, in the garden city of Bangalore. More here.

Shristi Special Academy - Shristi Special Academy is 
a registered society with a governing committee (Regd. 
Under Karnataka Societies Act). It is a non-profit 
organisation, headed by a team of trained, qualified and 
experienced special educators who feel the need today is to 
provide quality services and well designed and structured 
intervention programmes to children with mental retardation, 
autism or any other intellectual impairment. Shristi Special 
Academy has a unique set of programs designed to enable 
independence among the mentally challenged, 
developmentally delayed, and those with autism and attention 
deficit hyperactive disorders of all ages. Rehabilitation at 
Shristi includes therapeutic intervention with a focus on special 
education, sensory stimulation, physiotherapy, language 
stimulation, and occupational therapy. Their website.

Thulir - Thulir is an Education Resource Centre for 
children and young adults in Sittilingi, a tribal village in 
Dharmapuri. Thulir believes that children from disadvantaged 
sections in the rural areas need an education that would help 
them to gain self respect and help live with  dignity. For this 
they need to acquire skills relevant to the community and the 
local economy and this is what the initiative is working 
towards. Thulir's website and blog have detailed information on their 
experiences over the years.

Sneha Care Home and Snehagram - Sneha Care 
Home is a residential 
facility for children who are HIV positive or afflicted with AIDS. 
Most of the children have either lost one or both parents to 
AIDS or abandoned by families. The children when they grow 
older move to Sneha gram, a home that is situated in 
krishnagiri district of Tamil nadu. More here.

Thayi Mane - Thayi Mane is a residential children’s 
home based on a family model. The home is for children who 
have been orphaned or are victims of abuse. The organization 
strives to meet the physical, psychological, educational, 
emotional and spiritual needs of the children. More here.

Asha - Asha is a zero overhead, volunteer based 
organization raising funds for the education of underprivileged 
and disadvantaged children. At times volunteers also spend 
time at the organizations they raise funds for. Read about 
Asha here.

Other efforts across India - There are many other 
efforts led by individuals and organizations we partner with 
outside of the Bangalore area. We support them with guidance 
and schedules for training and making running an integral part 
of their lives.

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