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Why volunteering at Runners High?
Runners High is an organization that looks at running and 
physical activity as a way to transform people. We firmly 
believe that running makes us all better human beings in a 
holistic way. 

Our mission at Runner's High is "To strive to assist members 
of the community in their eternal quest to reach their true 
potential - physically, mentally and spiritually, in a holistic, 
sustainable and enjoyable manner"

The Runners High Community includes members who are 
training with us, patrons, supporters and the education efforts 
we are involved with. We constantly look at creating variety of 
new avenues for the members to learn from and contribute to 
the community.  

Volunteering or being involved with the various schools and 
educational efforts is a critical aspect of our community. While, 
there is no pressure on any runner to contribute (by being a 
part of the community, you have already contributed!) in a 
specific way, we do provide opportunities and send emails 
about ways in which you can be involved.

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What are the organizations that Runners High is associated with?
Can I recommend an organization?
Can I fund raise for an organization with my running?
What are the ways in which I can help?
I have some ideas to help the efforts we are involved with. Can I 
discuss or suggest them?
What are the ways in which I can consistently support efforts?
I would like to make a blood donation. Is it safe to do this while 
training with the group?