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Why volunteering at Runners High?
What are the organizations that Runners High is associated with?
Can I recommend an organization?
Can I fund raise for an organization with my running?
What are the ways in which I can help?
I have some ideas to help the efforts we are involved with. Can I 
discuss or suggest them?
What are the ways in which I can consistently support efforts?
I would like to make a blood donation. Is it safe to do this while 
training with the group?
Blood donation is safe, and can be done while training for long 
distance running, as long as you meet blood bank 
requirements for blood donation, and follow some simple 
additional precautions. Many RH runners and coaches have 
donated blood regularly over the years while training, and 
have remained fit and healthy following these precautions. In 
fact, there are documented health benefits for the blood 

Please check with the blood bank for their prerequisites for 
collecting blood. Common requirements are your blood 
pressure and body weight should be within normal range, you 
should not be suffering from, or have just recovered from 
illness, and should not be on certain medication, such as anti-
biotics. A minimum amount of time should have elapsed since 
your last smoke or meal (a matter of hours), your last alcohol 
intake (1-2 days) and your last blood donation (4-6 months). 

From a training perspective, we additionally recommend you 
follow these precautions. 
- Stay well-hydrated before and after donation
- Don't skip meals before and after donation. Eat timely, 
healthy meals.
- Avoid running and strength workouts for 24 hours post 
- Avoid any alcohol for 24 hours post donation
- Avoid smoking for at least 2 hours post donation
If you feel dizzy or weak post donation, stop activity and lie 
down with your feet elevated. If that doesn't help, get 
medical help.

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